Pierre Paulin - Fevre Anne-Marie, Vedrenne  Élisabeth
  It was during the early 1960s, in the pop era, when Andy Warhol was exhibiting his controversial Pop Art, and Brigitte Bardot was redefining sexual freedom, that Pierre Paulin designed his non-conformist chairs, changing radically the look of our interiors. Innovative and yet steeped in his times, a joyful modernist, he stages the body, and covers his egg-shaped chairs with mushrooms, orange slices, flower petals, tongues, cough drops, sea shells, waves, half-open lips, and more. Sexy, playful, exuberant yet comfortable, his furniture is above all supple and lively. Mythic character of French design, Pierre Paulin has traversed the second half of the 20th century by working out new styles of life, often in advance of the evolution of society. While focussed on chair design, he has also used his skill in industrial design and created, through prestigious work places, a new relationship with interior architecture.